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Here's a list of the most commonly-answered questions regarding MOTs and the MOT Test.

Can I legally drive my car if the MOT certificate has expired?
You can drive your car without a valid test certificate if you are driving (1) to/from a pre-arranged MOT Test, (2) to a garage to have work done on items that cause the vehicle to fail an MOT Test or (3) from a place of repair after such repairs have been completed.

What else do I need an MOT for?
You will need to present a valid MOT certificate if you pay for Vehicle Excise Duty (Car Tax) over the counter at the Post Office. If you pay online, you will need to enter the relevant reference numbers in order for the website to confirm your vehicle is roadworthy.

What if I lose my MOT Test Certificate?
You can purchase a replacement MOT Test Certificate from any testing station for a maximum fee of £10, however you must prove that you are entitled to the certificate by providing either the test number from the original MOT certificate or the unique number from the vehicle registration certificate (V5C), as well as the vehicle registration number. You can also take the vehicle to the testing station.

What if I think my MOT certificate is a fake?
You can check online or by calling the MOT validation line 0870 330 0444. You'll also be able to check the MOT status of your car, subject to conditions.

When can I renew my MOT?
You can renew your MOT at any time but this will affect your annual renewal date if it is done more than one month before the current MOT expires. You can find out when the earliest date to MOT your vehicle is by checking the front of the pass certificate.

Who needs an MOT Certificate?
Everyone who uses a vehicle on the road must keep it in a roadworthy condition. The MOT test checks that vehicles meet road safety and environmental standards. The first MOT test is usually required when the vehicle reaches three years old (There are different rules if it its used as a taxi).